Liquid cyaniding salt series

(Base Salt and Regenerator Salt)



The technique is similar to Teffier. But the salt is R&D by Gnail.

Heattreatment temperature: 720°C or so
Thickness of the surface hardening layer: 0.08 to 0.3mm
Colour after heattreatment: Grey

Comparing with high hardness, high intension and wearability surface after quenching, the plasticity and toughness can keep well at core by liquid cyaniding.The technology is easily depth control and good for thin cynaiding. A lot of workpiece needed anti-strike and antiwear were heattreated by the technology, such as motorcycle gears, machine gears, low modul motor gears, highspeed sartorius parts, tools, bicycle parts, mandril of plastic machine, food machine parts and sheet-shaped hardwares with hardness and toughness, etc.


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