Liquid nitriding salt series

(Base salt and Regenerater salt)



The technique is compatible to Degussa and Teffier. But the salt is R&D by Gnail.

Heattreatment temperature: 520~600°C
Thickness of compound layer of surface: 0.01 to 0.02mm
Colour after heattreatment: Grey
Hardness of surface: HV>450 to 700 (for different steel)
24 working hours consumption rate: 3% or so

The workpiece heattreated by LIquid nitriding salt can work in 520~600°C with high hardness. Because the heattreatment temperature is below the austenitic transformation, there is no stress under the surface and no trend of cracking. Heattreatment is at low temperature.The workpiece is almost no distortion with good grey surface.The salt is cheap, poison-free and pollutant-free. It is good for the heattreatment of automobile valve, die ,frictional parts of electronic device and textile instruments, etc.


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